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Preventative Maintenance for Gym Equipment

Gym equipment is an investment, just like your house is an investment and your car is an investment. You do preventative maintenance on both your house and car because it’s the smart way to keep them at their best. That same logic applies to gym equipment for a business.

Improve the Performance of the Equipment

Poor performing equipment puts you at risk for:

  • Loss of customers
  • Injury liability
  • High liability insurance rates
  • Expensive repairs

Preventive maintenance can mean a one time visit to ensure the equipment works as it should and that it is set-up and calibrated correctly. It can also mean general maintenance on a schedule. General preventive maintenance means that expensive asset will hold it’s value for longer.

Each brand unit might have specific needs, too. A service company will work with most mainstream brands and know exactly what the common problems are and how to prevent them.

Reduced Liability

A  2015 study looked at almost 3,000 injuries that occurred in gyms. They found 36 percent were due to overexertion, 52 percent free weight exercising, 35 percent classes and up to 28 percent from cardiovascular equipment.

Most medical problems are not about the equipment but there are some concerns. Even if an injury is related to the client’s improper clothing or fitness level, they can still point to a treadmill or elliptical trainer. It’s up to you to prove that it is properly maintained.

A preventive maintenance agreement keeps your inventory working at peak safety levels and it also provides you with a record to prove the machine is in good shape. The technician can label each unit with the last maintenance date. and can keep a log for each machine.

Trade-In Value

That maintenance log will come in handy when you look to upgrade, too. Just like trading in a car, maintenance records improve the value. A treadmill without proper maintenance is not going to be worth as much.

Gym equipment does not come cheap, so don’t treat it as anything but a business investment. Set up preventive maintenance on a schedule and get the most from your workout assets.