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Offices Focus on Fitness Amenities and Wellness

Fact: The fitness industry has been growing at an annual rate of 3%-4% for the last decade.

Fitness is much more than that fad soup diet you went on years ago, or that bottle of weight loss pills you thought you would try. People are generally more conscious about fitness than they have ever reportedly been. This means that buildings with fitness amenities will be rented first over buildings that do not offer such spaces.

If you rent office space, you have probably been asked by realtors and business owners what amenities your property offers over others in the area. If you do not have a dedicated fitness area, you probably get asked if there is one nearby.

Fitness is vital to workplaces today. Not only because it has become a trend, but because offering fitness amenities to employees reduces costs. It reduces costs spent on insurance premiums, in sick time, and absenteeism.

With unemployment at lows not seen in 50 years, the competition to find the best employees is tough. Excellent fitness center amenities can also help to attract, recruit, and retain top talent from around the world. You may not be running an apartment complex, but places of business are looking for more for their money.

Businesses are finding that workers want to feel more like they are at home than at work. They are opting for things like:

  • High-End Fitness Centers
  • Amazon Lockers
  • Indoor Gardens
  • Multiple Food Choices
  • Game Rooms
  • Courtyards

You name it if it’s available in your building people are going to want it. Why not start with an easy project like setting up a fitness center that everyone will want to use. If you opt for machines that come with classes and tracking programs, all you need for a workforce is someone to keep it clean. Depending on the contract you negotiate with your tenants, the only thing you may have to worry about is getting the place set up.

If you wish to take things one step further, you could get creative and offer a lower rate to a spa that could take care of your fitness amenities and even a pool for you. The options are vat, but one thing is for sure. The second you install a fitness center on your rental property your tenant finding problems will be over.

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