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Innovation for Multi-Housing

More and more people are choosing to rent apartment homes instead of buying a house. One reason is the chance to enjoy some innovative perks they won’t get elsewhere.

The Rise of the Amenity War

A 2018 survey conducted by Value Insured found that only 38 percent of millennials feel buying a home is a worthy investment. They are opting to move into luxury multi-housing communities instead. The 2017 State of the Nation’s Housing produced by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing stated 5 percent of households that bring in more the 100,000 dollars a year are choosing luxury rentals for their homes.

Bringing the “wow” factor into a complex with innovative amenities is what showcases one community over another. New complexes are looking for a leg up to grab the interest of Millenials who have bigger expectations than any of the previous generations.

What’s an Innovative Amenity Look Like?

It starts with an integrated fitness center. The old gym isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Today’s renter focuses on technology and they want workout equipment able to sync with their wearables like Fitbit. They also want the extras like dedicated spaces for personal trainers and yoga.

They expect their onsite fitness center to be trendy, as well. They should have areas for reformer Pilates and TRX suspension training.

Uncommon Common Areas

Complexes need to think beyond the pool and occasional picnic table in common areas. Innovative renters are looking for common areas that encourage their creativity such as:

  • Recording rooms
  • Writing rooms
  • Art and painting rooms

In general, they want spaces that allow them to expand their minds and watch others perform.

Connecting Home Life with Work Life

Technology has opened the door to remote workspaces. Some apartment complexes are adding communal workspaces to accommodate residents who want to stay at home but still connect with their office.

It’s more than a business center, though. This dedicated space should have work surfaces, places to relax with talk, meeting rooms and private areas. Tack on some charging stations, too.

Getting Their Game On

Finally, gaming is all the rage right now. Rooms that support high tech gaming options like augmented reality and virtual reality will definitely wow. These same spaces can be used to provides 3D bombastic tours of the complex for prospective renters.

Innovation is the new black in the rental industry if a multi-housing community wants to stand out. For more information on multi-family fitness centers contact Fitness & Exercise Solutions.