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Fitness & Exercise Solutions sells Life Fitness in Indiana

Fitness & Exercise Solutions is a proud supplier of Life Fitness equipment to all of Indiana. From Evansville, where we are located, to Bloomington, Indianapolis, all the way to Fort Wayne Fitness & Exercise Solutions will make sure that you have access to the latest gym equipment on the market for your gym.

The famous Life Fitness company came to be when Dr. Keene Dimick decided that he wanted a better way to workout. He constructed a stationary electric bike that caught on in popularity in the 1960s and Life Fitness was born. Over the years, they have become one of the leading developers of fitness equipment in the United States.

Fitness & Exercise Solutions came to be shortly after Dr. Dimick produced his new invention. Fitness & Exercise Solutions started off selling bikes to the states of Indiana and Kentucky. Now they sell exercise equipment of all fitnes markets throughout Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Benefits of Life Fitness Commercial Equipment

Life Fitness products are innovatively designed with user experience in mind first. The new studio line has been created for ease of use and to be supportive of new types of strength and resistance classes that trainers have developed. They have also been innovating cardio equipment to deliver high accuracy data to users as well as specific training experiences.

With their cardio equipment you and your members will have access to coaching specialized for any particular machine. Your gym members will also be able to personalize their experiences with each machine and carry their stats from one to the other.

It’s no wonder the gyms in greater Indiana love Life Fitness. Using Life fitness keeps you on top of the fitness trends.  Check out the equipment line on the Fitness & Exercise Solutions website today. There are many options to choose from and don’t forget to ask about delivery, setup, and our professional maintenance programs.