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Fitness & Exercise Solutions Carry the Top Fitness Brands

Fitness & Exercise Solutions has been around for close to 100 years. They have been and are a beloved provider of equipment in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. They carry top of the line equipment for businesses, and their customer service is unbeatable.

The Beginning

Simon and Agnes Gilles started Fitness & Exercise Solutions in 1942. They started the business selling bikes. They meticulously ran the business and had a good reputation in Indiana for being dependable and providing high-quality machines.

The store used to specialize in bikes only. Over the years they have expanded their merchandise, to include a wide variety of top of the line commercial fitness equipment. Fitness & Exercise Solutions has a long history of listening to what customers want and delivering.

Quality Products

Fitness & Exercise Solutions offers products like:

  • Cybex
  • Octane
  • SciFit
  • Spirit
  • Kieser
  • Concept

These brands come in many machine types. There are stationary bikes, specialized cardio machines, treadmills, cross-trainers, rowing machines, and climbers. Fitness & Exercise Solutions has decided to bring you brands like Octane because their machines outperform the rest.

The Octane brand is committed to bringing users zero impact exercise experience. They have won awards for their innovations and designs in ellipticals and cross-trainers. The trainers developed by this company are used by professional sports teams like the Chicago Bears and arms of the government like the US Marine Corps and the Secret Service.

The Cybex brand is another lite fitness brand that specially designs machines to be ergonomic and provide the most comfortable fitness experience possible. Each machine is designed to be “biomechanically correct.” Each machine is created with the longevity of your joints and other working parts in mind. To top it off, Cybex machines are built in the United States.

These are just a couple of high-quality brands you will find at Fitness & Exercise Solutions. All of the offered brands include warranties along with top-notch customer service.

Customer Service

For almost 100 years now, fitness & Exercise Solutions has prided itself on its customer service. We continue to hire the best in the industry, that know how to take care of our commercial clients. Once you do business with us, you become part of the Gilles family.

If you are looking to replace used equipment, or purchase new equipment for your commercial gym in the IN, KY, or TN area, give Fitness & Exercise Solutions a call now at (812) 471-5548. We would be happy to help you find the perfect equipment that will bring more people into your gym!