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Benefits of Corporate Fitness Centers for Nashville TN

Corporate fitness centers and wellness programs may appear to be overrated, but they can improve your productivity and save lives. Obesity and poor health cost employees, employers, and communities. Engaging employees in wellness and fitness programs have been proven to pay.

Overall, employee wellness is not a fad; the more overweight our workforce is, the more you are going to pay in health insurance costs. Not only that, but less healthy workforces miss more work and use more short and long-term disability time.

Top Three Benefits of Corporate Fitness Centers

Positive Behavioral Change

Having an employee fitness center and encouraging employees to use it will make other positive behavioral changes happen more easily. If you use your fitness center as a community space to rile employees to want to do better for themselves and for their job they will. They will work together to make the workplace healthier and happier. If you build it, they will come.

You may want to include some additional perks like a 90-day yoga challenge or shape up for a 5k with the CEO. Things like this don’t need to cost much either. If someone in the office loves to do yoga or spinning, allow them to lead a class for the employees. This won’t cost you a dime, and it will boost morale in ways you have never seen.

These behavioral changes will spill over into the work that gets done. When you foster a positive environment, around self-improvement people will naturally want to do better.


When you introduce a fitness center in Nashville, TN, to your workers and convince them to use it, you will increase their productivity. Studies show that there is a 50% increase in presenteeism in work populations that do not exercise.

This means that workers that do not take care of themselves in the gym also do not take care of their jobs at work 50% of the time. Giving your employees’ reason to get to the gym will reduce the amount of looking busy that is done in your workplace.

Insurance Costs

It is pretty straightforward. The less you draw on your insurance and the lower the numbers of obese workers you report will lower your insurance premiums and costs over time.

As you can see, installing corporate fitness centers in the Nashville, TN, area stands to give you an edge against competitors around you. Tennessee is not the most obese state in the US, but it comes in at number nine and 11th for the number of adults that do not exercise. Get your employees moving and your year over year revenue will increase!