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Since 1973, Fitness and Exercise Solutions has been selling fitness equipment to the Indiana.  We started in Southern Indiana and have grown to become the top commercial dealer in the following states:

  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky

With their outstanding reputation and reach they have secured some of the best commercial gym equipment manufactures in the world:

Fitness Equipment Distributor for All Fitness Markets

With the wide variety of fitness manufactures, Fitness and Exercise Solutions can sell gym equipment into all markets:

The elliptical mimics the natural motion of a person walking or running, making this one of the smartest pieces of equipment you can buy for your fitness center. These cross trainers are sought after machines in any fitness space whether you are in Fort Wayne or Nashville. They offer a low-pact, total-body routine that keeps guests and residents coming back for more.

Ellipticals are one of the rare weight-bearing pieces of fitness equipment around. Weight-bearing exercise builds bone density. It also offers a full-body workout that strengthens every muscle group.

Ellipticals have the added advantage of requiring almost no maintenance unlike other commercial gym equipment like the treadmill. Businesses can stock ellipticals in either commercial or light-commercial grades. A commercial elliptical can endure up to six hours of use a day. Light-commercials might be the right choice for a hotel in Louisville or an apartment complex in South Bend where the gym gets less use. They are for lighter traffic — typically around three hours a day.

Commercial equipment means the latest in console electronics, too. Guests will enjoy programmable workouts and the best entertainment tech available.

Give us a call to learn more about the benefits of adding commercial ellipticals to your fitness business.

Featured Commercial Fitness Equipment

Cybex Total Body Arc Trainercommercial ellipticals
A popular alternative motion cardio unit that offers extreme efficiency and effectiveness backed by exercise science.
Life Fitness Ellipticalellipticals
The Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer benefits from extensive biomechanical research that provides exercisers with an instinctively smooth and natural feel.
Octane Fitness Lateral Xellipticals
Studies show that Lateral X users burn up to 27% more calories and use up to 30% more of the inner and outer thighs when going from the lowest to greatest lateral width setting.
Spirit CE900ENT Ellipticalcommercial ellipticals
The CE900ENT features the Spirit signature entertainment console for media at your fingertips. Users can watch TV, browse the internet or stream audio while working on their fitness with this 10.1” touchscreen display.

Chad Bothun
Regional Sales Manager – Indiana
Northern Indiana

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