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commercial treadmills
Since 1973, Fitness and Exercise Solutions has been selling fitness equipment to the Midwest.  We started in Southern Indiana and have grown to become the top commercial dealer in:

  • Indiana
  • Tennesse
  • Kentucky

With their outstanding reputation and reach they have secured some of the best commercial gym equipment manufactures in the world:

Fitness Equipment Distributor for All Fitness Markets

With the wide variety of fitness manufactures, Fitness and Exercise Solutions can sell gym equipment into all markets:

Whether you are shopping for a commercial or residential fitness center, one of the first pieces of equipment you’ll want to stock is a treadmill. Gyms want commercial treadmills as opposed to one you might buy for your home. Commercial treadmills are larger with more surface area for runners.

Hotel fitness centers benefit from commercial equipment because it is more durable and the treadmills offer stability, meaning less risk of injury for tourists visiting Music City. The motor, whether AC or CD, is stronger, providing each guest with a vigorous and consistent session.

The larger rollers assure a longer lifespan for the belts. On average, commercial treadmills have rollers that range from 3” to 3.5”.

The advanced cushioning plus thick and often reversible deck indicate they can handle a mix of light to heavy users, as well. The welded frame can safely hold a higher maximum weight, too, some up to 350 pounds or more.

High-performance, heavy-duty commercial treadmills are what residents and guests from Knoxville to South Bend come to expect from a professional fitness location. Look for commercial fitness equipment to provide the best quality and safety standards for the price. Call us now for more information on commercial treadmills. .

Featured Commercial Fitness Equipment

Life Fitness Activate Treadmillsfort wayne gym equipment
An intuitive console design is perfect for both exercise rookies and workout regulars. The Activate Series treadmill is sleek, durable and an asset to facilities of any size.
Cybex Treadmill – 70T consolecommercial treadmill
An 8 horsepower peak motor, an Interval Training Zone for quick speed changes and standard wireless connection help facility owners better manage their equipment.
Intenza’s 550Ti Treadmillcommercial treadmill
It is characterized through its unique design, outstanding functionality and a never seen before freedom of running. The 4PS motor enables highest running composure, no matter the pace. rooms.
Spirit CT900ENT Treadmillcommercial treadmill
The CT900ENT Treadmill combines the workhorse quality and construction of the CT900 with the beauty and innovation of the entertainment display for TV, web browsing and music streaming.

Chad Bothun
Regional Sales Manager – Indiana
Northern Indiana

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